Emergency Response Plan

Section 1 Administration


Section 2 General Measures

EPP-1019 Staff Responsibilities During an Emergency 2022
EPP-1020 Emergency Generator Testing 2022
EPP-1021 Restting Door Security 2022
EPP-1022Resetting the Fire Panel 2022
EPP-1024Resident Identification 2022
EPP-1025 Emergency Supplies 2022
EPP-1026 Public Relations-Media During Emergency Situations 2022
EPP-1028 Business Records, Resident Charts and Care Plans May 2022
EPP-1029 Staff Pool 2022
EPP-1030 Command Centre and Control Centre 2022
EPP-1031 Pharmacy Action Plan during Emergency Situations 2022
EPP-1032 Service Personnel & Technician List in Emergencies 2022
EPP-1033 Evacusleds 2022
EPP-1034 Access to Life Lease Elevator 2022

Section 3 Code Black (bomb threat) and Code Purple (Hostage Situation)

EPP-1040a CODE BLACK and Prurple posting Policy 2022

Section 4 Code Brown (chemical spill) and Grey (Internal Disaster)

EPP-1049 Code Brown Policy 2022
EPP-1049a Code Grey Policy 2022
EPP-1051 Generator Connections (During Power Outage)
EPP-1052 Call Bell System Failure 2022
EPP-1052 a Aatel Business Hours
EPP-1053 Gas Leaks 2022
EPP-1054 Loss of Heat 2022
EPP-1055 Loss of Hot Water 2022
EPP-1056 Loss of Staff Labour 2022
EPP-1057 Elevator Failure 2022
EPP-1058 Loss of Oxygen Concentrators 2022
EPP-1059 Heat Stress in the Workplace 2022
EPP-1061 Fire Alarm System Failure 2022
EPP-1062 Dietary Emergency Supplies 2022
EPP-1063 Feeding Centres during Emergencies 2022
EPP-1064 Meal Pattern during Emergencies 2022
EPP-1065 Dish Washing during Emergencies 2022
EPP-1066 Emergency Sanitation Dietary Department 2022
EPP-1067 Food and Garbage Waste Disposal during Emergencies 2022
EPP-1068 Dietary Contingency Plan for Isolation 2022
EPP-1069 Dietary Contingency Plan during Reception from Outside Community 2022
EPP-1070 Housekeeping Contingency Plan during Emergencies 2022
EPP-1071 Laundry Contingency Plan during Emergencies 2022
EPP-1072 Hairdressing Contingency Plan during Emergencies 2022
EPP-1073 Phones Loss 2022
EPP-1074 Elevator Failure 2022
EPP-1075 Spills 2022

Section 5 Code Green – Evacuation

EPP-1079 Code Green Policy 2022
EPP-1080 Evacuation and Relocation of Residents 2022
EPP-1081 Evacuation Circumstances 2022
EPP-1082 Evacuation Techniques 2022
EPP-1083 Sounding Evacuation Signal (Annunicator Panel) 2022
EPP-1084 Staff Responsibilitiy during Evacuation 2022
EPP-1085 Holding Area 2022
EPP-1086 Internal Traffic Control 2022
EPP-1087 External Traffic Control 2022
EPP-1088 Essential Materials & Supplies need for Evacuation Relocation 2022
EPP-1089 Dietary Emergency Evacuation Plan 2022
EPP-1090 Dietary Emergency Relocation Plan 2022
EPP-1092 Room Evacuation Markers 2022
EPP-1093 Resident Identification Name Bracelets 2022
EPP-1094 Elevator Use During Emergencies 2022
EPP-1095 Responsibility of Receiving Facilities 2022
EPP-1096 Responsibilities of Belvedere Staff at Receiving Facilities 2022
EPP-1097 Transportation 2022
EPP-1098 Returning to Evacuated Facility 2022

Section 6 Code Orange External Disaster

EPP-1101 Code Orange Policy 2022
EPP-1102 Guidelines for Chemical Leaks, Earthquake, Flood, Hail, Lightening & Tornadeos 2022
EPP-1103 Reception of Evacuees 2022
EPP-1104 Air Exclusion 2022
EPP-1105 Isolation 2022

Section 7 Emergency Shelter Agreements

EPP-1110 Emergency Shelter Agreements 2022

Section 8 Code White (violent person) and Code Silver (Person with a Weapon)

EPP-1120a Posting of Code White and silver to Website Code 2022

Section 9 Code Yellow – Missing Resident

EPP-1130 Code Yellow Missing Resident 2022