Volunteer Transportation

Transportation Overview

The ability to drive ourselves to events, activities, appointments and engage with our community is vital to our quality of life. This can be particularly challenging for many older adults and people with disabilities. When an individual can no longer meet his or her own transportation needs the individual becomes reliant on others to meet those needs.  When available, family, caregivers, friends, volunteer transportation providers, taxis and public transportation are the most common alternatives.  Belvedere Heights Community Support Services provides Volunteer Transportation.

Volunteers will come to your door and see the individual through to a safe place. We carefully listen to the individuals needs and arrange a service matching the person to a volunteer.  If an individual needs assistance throughout the appointment a plan must be in place to support the individual e.g. personal escort.   If an escort is required the individual is responsible to arrange a personal escort.  If an individual is isolated and alone and cannot arrange a caregiver, friend, family member or other personal escort it is essential that you inform CSS staff and we will do our best to provide appropriate resources and support; however we cannot guarantee service.

Who is eligible?

Transportation is accessible to individuals with limited mobility and to individuals who use wheelchairs.  Furthermore transportation is accessible to individuals who can direct their own care and require only a gentle arm for assistance.  Door through door service may be requested; however volunteers do not assume responsibility for personal care or to attend medical appointments. Anyone requiring daily personal care, assistance with communication, or assistance to enter or transfer to and from a vehicle or to enter buildings and manage appointments must arrange a private escort.

The services are intended for seniors or for individuals who are 18 years of age and older and who have an acute or chronic illness or have a physical disability.