Diner’s Club & Lunch and Learn

Diner’s Club

Eating alone? Join us for lunch or dinner.  We serve, while you socialize, relax, reunite with old friends or make new acquaintances at the same time as you enjoy your hot nutritious meal. You also have an opportunity to participate with fun activities such as guest speakers, entertainment and other scheduled activities. Diners Club is a real meal deal because it is more than a meal, it’s a place where you are connected to your community while enjoying kinship.

Lunch & Learn

Spend time with other seniors while enjoying a nutritious meal and learn about a topic of interest. Other special guests are welcome which may include youth, adults, volunteers, community members and friends interested in learning about aging and the community. Other organizations and partners in care are invited to participate as guest speakers. A variety of guest speakers are scheduled and monthly themes take place throughout the year.

Topics may include as well as other requested topics:

  • Promote senior’s safety and security
  • Promote healthy eating and good nutrition
  • How to use a computer on-line
  • Active living and exercise to maintain and improve physical conditioning
  • How to be a volunteer & learn new skills & develop leadership capabilities
  • Peer support and developing satisfying interpersonal relationships
  • Cultural enrichment
  • Elder Abuse
  • Fall Prevention
  • Other requested topics


CSS will offer nutritional meals and learning activities at Belvedere Heights auditorium and at other appropriate locations throughout the West Parry Sound District and through linkage with other agencies in the community such as the Fall Prevention Coalition, Diabetes Education Centre, Seniors Safety Network, the West Parry Sound Health Centre and The Friends.