Senior Safekeeping

What is Seniors Safekeeping?

In keeping with our role as a focal point for seniors in the community CSS will provide information and assistance to individuals and groups seeking help for age-related issues. The program educates people in the community to identify the signs and symptoms that a senior may be at risk and encourages them to report these concerns so that the senior can receive the help they need. The referral is passed to a community worker who follows up with the senior and provides information on resources and makes referrals to other agencies. Timely help can extend the seniors ability to live independently in the community.

Warning Signs Senior at Risk:

  • Mental State—confused, disoriented, memory loss
  • Physical– weight loss, difficulty seeing, hearing, speaking or moving, bruises
  • Emotional-recent loss of loved one, anxious, depressed
  • Social-isolated, unwilling to engage in conversation
  • Appearance-dirty clothes, uncombed hair, unshaven, unpleasant odors
  • Home-needs maintenance or repair, safety concerns, unattended pets
  • Economic—confusion about money, cannot afford basic

How can I help someone?

Information shared with CSS is private and confidential. You are not legally responsible and you are not interfering in someone’s life. You are acting as a concerned person and in good faith. Your name will not be shared with anyone. You are merely sharing your concern for a senior who may need some assistance.

Call our office: 746-5602