Meals On Wheels

What is Meals on Wheels?

For those who need help with meals or an occasional break or for individuals who are at nutritional risk.

The Meals on Wheels Program is a voluntary community service for individuals who are usually frail elderly and are unable to prepare meals. Frail elderly may have one or more of the following chronic conditions:  low energy, lack of strength or endurance, limited mobility, poor memory or unable to function normally without pain or chronic illness. These individuals find it difficult to prepare meals when dealing with one or more of the described symptoms.  Other reasons individuals may qualify are due to the lack of skills, equipment or resources to prepare adequate meals.

The purpose of the program is to improve the nutritional status of these individuals, to provide a regular social contact and check on their safety and well-being.  Meals on Wheels, enables recipients to remain comfortable and independent in their own home.  Our meals are prepared in Belvedere Height’s government inspected kitchen by dietary staff. Volunteers deliver lunch along with smiles.

Who is eligible?

  • Meals are delivered to residents living the community who may be:
  • Elderly and frail
  • Convalescing from hospital
  • Adults with illness either acute or chronic
  • Adults with physical disabilities
  • You must  be 18 years of age and older and  live in the West Parry Sound District (boundaries apply)

Frozen Meals

Frozen meals are a great alternative or companion to the hot Meals on Wheels program. Advantages to frozen meals are they can be delivered to your door no matter where you live as long as you live in the West Parry Sound District.  The meals are heated in your own oven or microwave and are stored in your freezer for up to three months.

Therapeutic Diets

The therapeutic menu offers pureed, minced, restricted sodium, low fat, diabetic, gluten-free, renal, and lactose free meals.  Some menus are limited. Contact our office for a full menu.

Meals on Wheels Fruit and Veggie Baskets

Looking for a simple solution to boost your nutrition and eat healthy?

Fruit and Veggie baskets are a delicious opportunity to boost your healthy eating.

Diets that are high in fruits and vegetables lower an individual’s risk of chronic disease and contribute to healthy aging. Homebound seniors often have low intake of fruits and vegetables and limited access to fruits and vegetables.