Volunteer Opportunity & Network

Belvedere Heights has played a key role in volunteerism in Parry Sound since 1965. Volunteers are the heart of Belvedere. Our volunteers are well informed, resourceful and kind. Their actions keep our community safe, secure and full of pride.  Why do people volunteer for Belvedere?

“It is fun.  You get to meet people and help those less fortunate. If nobody volunteered a lot of people would not have a caring service.”

“I need purpose in my life and volunteering gives me purpose.”

“It is something to look forward to, I enjoy volunteering very much.”

“Your office can’t possibly do everything you do without volunteers and our community needs your services.”

Sarah, Meals on Wheels

John, Lee-Ann, Bob, Byron, Harold and Steve

Lloyd, participant & Dorit, volunteer leader

McDougall School generosity: Patty, Ursala & Student

Lee, Opportunity Plus Committee & Diner’s Club Coordinator

Cindy, Fruit and Veggie Preparation

Iris, visitor and Kathleen

Bernie, Serving

Gail and Susan, presenters

Chris, office organization

Volunteer Appreciation

Decoration Committee

How do I become a volunteer?

Call our office at (705) 746-5602; we will guide you through our screening process.  You can help. Call today.

Our contact information

Mailing address
Belvedere Heights Community Support Services
21 Belvedere Avenue, Parry Sound, Ontario P2A 2A2.

Telephone: 705-746-5602 or 1-800-883-0058

Please call our office if you require assistance with directions.

For information and assistance, call:
Belvedere Heights Community Support Services:
705-746-5602 or 1-800-883-0058